MORILLON, silo unloading systems expert

with a sweep auger for a silo diameter of 32 metres
Commissioned: December 2013

morillon spirogyre silo bresil

The largest sweep auger, the SPIROGYRE SCD 350.
For what ? Port terminal in Brazil
What equipment ? 7 SPIROGYRE SCD350
What product ? Soybean grains
Silo diameter: 32 metres
Extraction rate? 260 TPH

The SPIROGYRE SCD 350, designed for heavy industry, is particularly useful for intensive use such as a port transit operations.
Its sweep auger is suitable for silo diameters from 15 to 38 metres.
The extraction rate can be as high as 300 TPH, with wheat or maize.
Products extracted: cereals (wheat, maize, barley, oats) oilseeds (rapeseed, sunflower seeds, soybean seeds), rice and wood pellets