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Founded in 1865, my family is dedicated to MORILLON's ongoing development.

6 key steps follow one another.
I invite you to find out about them.

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CREATE stage
  • Atelier MORILLON 1920-en

    The MORILLON workshops, the 1920’s

  • théodore morillon-en

    Théodore MORILLON, the founder, 1865

  • Document administratif 1913 -en

    Administrative documents, 1913

  • Bureau administratif 1920-en

    MORILLON administrative office, the 1920’s

  • Atelier MORILLON 1920 -en

    The MORILLON workshops, the 1920’s

  • Equipe MORILLON 1930-en

    The MORILLON Team, the 1930’s

  • La sauterelle SPIROGYRE-en

    The SPIROGYRE “Sauterelle” (belt conveyor), the 1950’s

  • Foire agricole 1950-en

    Agricultural show, 1950

  • 1ère exploitation de vis MORILLON-en

    1st MORILLON augur screw operation, (Senegal, Dakar), the 1950’s

  • Foire agricole 1960-en

    Agricultural show, 1960

  • Document commercial 1960-en

    Sales documentation, 1960

  • Salon SIMA Paris 1979-en

    SIMA Trade Show, Paris 1979 - Théodore MORILLON

  • Théodore MORILLON-en

    Théodore MORILLON

  • Salon SIMA Paris 1979 2-en

    SIMA Trade Show, Paris 1979 - Théodore MORILLON

  • Salon SIMA Paris 1979 3-en

    SIMA Trade Show, Paris 1979 - Théodore MORILLON

  • journées TECHDAYS-en

    TECH Days, 2010

  • journées TECHDAYS 2-en

    TECH Days, 2010

  • Equipes MORILLON-en

    MORILLON Teams, 2014

Théodore MORILLON, Carpenter and Millwheel Maker, (1837-1925)

Théodore was born on 8 September 1837 in La Chapelle du Genêt, the last-born in a family of 11 children. On 23 January 1865, in Andrezé, he married Angélique CHUPIN, a dressmaker, and created his own company. He was 28 years old.
By trade he was a carpenter and bladed wheel maker, that is to say he designed and constructed mill mechanisms, at that time made almost exclusively of wood. The first workshop was situated in the village itself, in a building he had bought from his wife’s family.
Two friends joined him in this enterprise: Jean BRETAUD, a family friend and experienced carpenter; and Théophile COLAISSEAU, a first cousin of Angélique’s.
On 1 October 1876, the first written contract was signed, a copy of which still exists, This was for a 14-metre high windmill, situated in the place known as “Les Comboîtures” in Beaupréau and which belonged to the BLANCHARD family.
Théodore and Angélique had 8 children; the eldest was also called Théodore.
On the death of Angélique in 1882, Théodore remained alone with his children, continuing to work at his trade.
He remarried on 7 February 1888, to Jeanne HUCHON, a native of La Chapelle du Genêt. She gave him 3 other children. Starting with nothing, Théodore went on to increase the fortunes of his company up until his death in 1925, at the age of 88. He died with the satisfaction of having made MORILLON a renowned and respected name in the trade.