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Unloading bulk products stored in silos

Morillon is an international brand and a market leader in designing and manufacturing unloading systems for bulk products stored in silos. Our company enjoys the benefits of unique experience in the field and world-renowned know-how.

Our unloading systems are used on industrial and agro-industrial silos and storage cells that contain goods that may be heavy or lightweight and wet or dry, such as cereals, food manufacturing goods, raw materials, oil milling products, waste, fuel, pellets, biofuel, and the list goes on. Morillon has also developed extensive expertise in unloading the most difficult materials.

In the service of industry

Our innovative, efficient unloading solutions are primarily designed for the following sectors:

  • Agri-food
  • Cement plants
  • Wood industries
  • Chemicals
  • Recycling: wastewater, sludge, waste and co-products

Innovative systems designed
and manufactured by our teams

Our proficiency in mechanical, hydraulic and electronic technologies allows us to design reliable equipment that addresses the specific issues facing each of our clients. Our systems are completely designed and manufactured by our teams. Between design, engineering, production and more, our in-house mastery of the entire industrial process enables us to be independent and responsive, and offer product guarantees.

In addition to the quality of our equipment, our added value is also expressed through the excellence of our after-sales service.

The trust and satisfaction of some of the most demanding clients around the world are our most treasured rewards!

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