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Our history
is our singularity

Our history is our singularity, which traces back to Théodore Morillon who, in 1865, founded a company at the age of 28 and built mechanisms for water mills. A family saga in which, from one generation to the next, each leader has managed to adapt to the needs of the day, update the company’s products, penetrate new markets and continuously reassess the business. This wonderful history – with its occasional bumps in the road – is still going strong more than 150 years later.


It all began in Andrezé in 1865, when the 28-year-old windmill carpenter Théodore Morillon founded a company to manufacture mechanisms for water mills, which at the time were made almost exclusively of wood.


The story continued with his son, Théodore II, who, whilst maintaining a strong milling business, developed agricultural mechanization, bringing the first threshers to the village, followed by its first tractors.


In 1928, after the death of his father, the third Théodore took up the torch. Along with his two brothers Joseph and Emile, as well as his uncles who were still on the job, he firmly oriented the company towards machinery.


In 1968, Théodore Morillon IV relocated the company outside the town’s limits to its present-day location and gave Morillon its industrial calling. During the 1970s, he updated Morillon, streamlining its handling equipment and upgrading its product range to target large cooperatives with the development of animal feed.

Innovation & internationalization

While the company had previously always been passed down to the eldest Morillon son, who were all named Théodore, the leader of the fifth generation is the youngest of four siblings, named Laurent… After experiencing some financial difficulties in the 1990s, the company reinvented itself, innovating and above all opening itself up to international markets, which allowed it to become one of the world leaders on the bulk product extraction market.