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Information? A clarification? Find here all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Morillon brand: our missions, our activities and our products.

1 > What do our storage, extraction and handling consist of ?

MORILLON has had well-recognized experience in the extraction and handling of bulk products for 150 years. Our activities centre round storage using our modular design silos, extraction using our Spirogyre sweep augers and Hydrascrew extractors, and handling using our Archimedean screws, bucket elevators and chain conveyors. We design, make, assemble and commission the installations. Our flexibility enables us to design specific solutions.

2 > For which industries are our extractors intended ?

Our activities are aimed mainly at the 4 major sectors:

  • Environment: treatment of house hold waste, wastewater treatment, recycling, alternative fuels, wood and biomass.
  • Agribusiness: milling, vegetable oil production, animal feed.
  • Building: brick works, cement works.
  • Chemical: fertilizers, quicklime, etc.
3 > What is our position on the international scene ?

MORILLON has an international reputation. We export 85% of our production throughout the world.

4 > What are the differences between the Spirogyre and the Hydrascrew ?

The Spirogyre is a machine which is installed in the bottom of a silo, in the centre. Both the Spirogyre and the Hydrascrew are machines which are installed in the bottom of a silo and which work on the principle of the Archimedean screw. However, their field of application and their method of use are very different.
The Spirogyre is designed to extract residues appearing in the silo after the gravity emptying of such products as cereals, oilseeds and rice. This process is performed without human intervention in the silo.
The Hydrascrew is intended for products with difficult flow properties. It is designed to work under the load and extract, on the FIFO – First In, First Out –principle, all of the content of the silo.

5 > How is the production process organized and how we control quality ?

Quality controls are performed throughout the project, from the customer’s request through to the after-sales service. Each stage of the process is validated by controls to prevent any mistakes and correct any discrepancies. As regards the quality system, customer satisfaction is a priority concern, since it is the most reliable indicator.

6 > How do you ensure compliance with deadlines?

In a world where everything is going increasingly faster, responsiveness is important and compliance with deadlines is essential. Compliance with deadlines and more generally with our commitments is a guiding principle at Morillon.

7 > What types of products are extracted ?

Morillon has wide and well-recognized experience in the handling of products, whether bulk, small, light, heavy, powdery, fibrous, abrasive or sticky, etc. Our strength lies in this diversity and enables us to work in every sector in which an extraction solution is required. And Morillon brings these solutions.

8 > What price range are we positioned in ?

Our range of equipment is renowned for its sturdiness, its reliability and its finished quality. We strengthen our top-of-the-range position year on year, because our policy is to provide our customers with the best service and the best equipment. Needless to say, our position comes at a cost, but you have to consider the long term, and in this regard we are very competitive.

9 > What degree of efficiency can be obtained with our technology ?

The optimization of our hydraulic technology enables us to obtain a degree of efficiency of over 85% whist guaranteeing the increasingly longer service life of our equipment.

10 > Do our products require any particular maintenance ?

The advantage of our hydraulic systems lies in their low maintenance cost. The main components are lubricated for life thanks to the ingeniousness of our hydraulic system. What’s more, the rotation of the screw is achieved without any mechanical transmission, thus obviating the need to change costly complex parts like reducing gears or chain transmission. Wear on the equipment is minimal thanks to low operating speeds. It is essential to consider the question of maintenance when purchasing a machine, as these costs need to be included when calculating depreciation.

11 > My company is not located in France. What can I hope for in the way of after-sales service ?

I hope for in the way of after-sales service? The quality of our technical analyses and our responsiveness need to be exceptional. Once the machine leaves our workshops, its life begins and we remain at your disposal for its entire service life. We keep a after-sales record for each machine and we can retrace its history in few clicks, Technical information? Assistance? Advice? A part? Our technical service responds very rapidly, as we know that your extraction system is a key element in the supply of a plant. Our technicians, who are all bilingual and experienced, are there to assist you anywhere in the world.

12 > The markets in which we operate are very tightly controlled. Our machines comply which standards ?

Firstly, our machines, Hydrascrew and Spirogyre, are compliant with Machine Safety Directive 2006/42/CE.
Secondly, our equipment, since it is often installed in areas where there is a high risk of explosion, are available in versions compatible with ATEX zones 20, 21 and 22.
The standard Spirogyres meet the requirements of ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE and there can be used in explosive atmospheres 20 or 21. Optionally, the Hydrascrew may also be compliant with ATEX 2014/34/UE, for use in zones 20, 21 and 22.

13 > How long is the service life of our equipment ?

We design our Hydrascrew and Spirogyre machines using very sturdy materials and components, as we know that they may be used 24/24 in difficult conditions. Installations that are over 30 years old are still working perfectly.

We are at your disposal, we answer your questions via our form.