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High performance inside your silos

Morillon’s products promise quality and excellence on the bulk product unloading market.

Our innovation and in-house mastery of the entire industrial process help Morillon adapt and be responsive.

Our unloaders: Innovative products and high-quality systems

Morillon has been designing and manufacturing reliable, world-renowned unloading systems since 1865. Innovation and an understanding of our clients’ needs are at the heart of our concerns.

Key advantages of our systems:

  • Versatility and adaptability for the management of a multitude of products stored in bulk
  • Easy activation, even for silos that store products that do not flow freely, thanks to our ingenious Booster system
  • All products guaranteed to unload on the basis of FIFO (first in, first out)
  • Mastery of segregation phenomena (the separation of fine particles)
  • High-capacity version (up to 500 cubic metres/hr)
  • An eco-friendly concept with a Green System option that guarantees the use of biodegradable (NSF H1) lubricants
  • Responsible technology with an integrated HMC system (up to five times less hydraulic oil used)
  • Easy maintenance (even on full silos with crowns)
  • Equipment suitable for abrasive products (like silica) with screw coating and carbide bar options
  • Versions suitable for the extraction of hot and/or corrosive products (like ice and ash)
  • Watertight versions suitable for very wet products
  • Versions suitable for unloading in explosive atmospheres (ATEX Regulation, Z20/Z21 and Z20/Z22)

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