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Our expertise

Our expertise in the service of performance and excellence

As an international leader on the bulk production unloading market, we design and manufacture innovative, high-performance systems for silos with flat and conical (hopper) bottoms.

Our solutions guarantee the optimized, secure unloading of the stored products, based on the principle of FIFO (first in, first out).

Morillon equipment is known for its sturdiness, its reliability and the quality of its production. Each year, we further reinforce our “top-of-the-range” positioning, because we want to offer the best possible service to our clients. In a world where everything is moving so fast, responsiveness is important, and meeting delivery promises – and our commitments in general – is a matter of principle at Morillon.

Design and manufacturing of unloaders for difficult products

Morillon possesses known, recognized experience in handling bulk materials of differing characteristics; small, lightweight, heavy, powdery, fibrous, abrasive, sticky, wet etc.. This diversity is a source of our strength and allows us to work with any sector where extraction solutions are required.

Backed by this experience – and more than 18,000 systems installed worldwide – Morillon is positioned as a provider of solutions for unloading products that are not naturally free-flowing.

Unloading: The first step in making your products work for you

Although they are invisible, Morillon’s unloaders are essential cogs in the industrial machine. As a result, we are committed to guaranteeing the highest quality of after-sales service. We are responsive and always maintain a stock of spare parts.

Our team of technicians, who are ready and able to travel all over the world, are at your disposal to help you activate your new equipment and train your personnel.

Our design and development department is very attentive to feedback and to the market and its latest trends, so we can design the unloading solutions of the future.