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A family company that is proud
of its roots in western France

Run by five generations of the same family, Morillon has always been able to adapt to the market’s needs. Our foundations are solid and deeply rooted in our region. Created in 1865 in Andrezé, a small rural community in the Mauges area, our company – and its 4,000 m² factory – is still, more than 150 years later, based in that same village, which has now become a subsidiary municipality of Beaupréau-en-Mauges.

We are proud of our land and our roots, and our advantageous location in western France, inside the Nantes–Angers–Cholet triangle and 3½ hours from Paris, is part of a dynamic territory with a flourishing economy. The motto borrowed from the Mauges and Choletais regions, “Land of harmony, people of energy”, is no empty promise. Our company’s success was built on those two foundations, necessary prerequisites to achieving our international ambitions.

An international leader
on the market for extraction systems

These days, Morillon’s products are exported to more than 80 countries, 80% of our turnover comes from abroad, and our strategy was formulated to buttress our position amongst global leaders on the bulk product unloading market. We aim for excellence and the top of the range. Our goals are to continue developing and growing and to install unloaders for clients around the world who are looking for the highest performance levels and standards.

Trust-based relationships
with our clients and suppliers

Above all else, our people are the very essence of our company, and we are committed to keeping them happy. Morillon, a quintessential family company, fervently believes in human values and wants to ensure our staff of roughly 50 employees have access to the work environment and the resources they need to thrive professionally.

Workplace well-being, sharing, room to grow, support and training for all our employees are the keys to our business’s success.

When it comes to our clients, their complete satisfaction is our priority. We are here to listen and make it a point to pay special attention to the quality of our interactions and to the bonds we want to forge with them.

And we adopt the same mindset with our suppliers, with whom we have been working for many long years. The philosophy that we espouse and embody is based on long-term collaborations, bearing in mind that 60% of our suppliers are located within 30 kilometres of our company.

We are close to our clients and our suppliers – whom we consider to be partners – and so we aim to establish relationships built on trust with each one.